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Welcome to the latest edition of the NDP Newsletter – hopefully you enjoyed its predecessors and have learnt some new things about our Parish. We focused on the wildlife and the character of the Parish in those editions as you said those things are important to you.

“Aspects of living in Eye & Dunsden that we enjoy – the peace and beauty of the countryside.”

“It’s a great place to live: well-situated with some brilliant facilities”

These quotes come from the responses to the survey that was sent to all the residents of the Parish in May 2020: 149 in total. 57 surveys were completed and returned, giving a response rate of 38% (which is actually very good as the expected response rate for this type of survey is 10–15%!) Thank you to all of you who replied! There was an even spread of responses between all of the villages which is also a great result.

This month we want to share some of the results with you so that you can see what the NDP team are using as the basis of the work we are doing as we look to produce the best possible plan for the Parish and its residents, as well as the businesses of the area. We’d be pleased to have your feedback using the details below.

Q1 What aspects of living in Eye & Dunsden do you particularly enjoy? 

Q2 What issues affecting the Parish are you concerned about?

Tell us more…

If there are other aspects of the Parish that you love – buildings, green spaces, views – or you have any stories about how the villages developed into the places they are today, please share them with us. Post photos and your thoughts using the links below.

Twitter: Eye&DunsdenNDP | Facebook: Eye & Dunsden Neighbourhood Plan

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