Neighbourhood Development Plan

Parish committed to making a Neighbourhood Development Plan

A well-attended public meeting heard in October 2019 from the Chair of the Parish Council and two members of SODC’s Neighbourhood Development Plan team.

They explained the reasons why Eye & Dunsden might consider making a plan and the limitations of the process. There were some lively questions and at the end a number of people committed to being part of a NDP team.

A copy of the slide presentation from the evening is available to download here.

At the October meeting of the parish council a decision was taken to go ahead with a Neighbourhood Plan. 

Plan timeline

  • The first meeting of the new plan group took place on December 10, 2019 at the village hall. 
  • SODC confirmed the plan area to be the whole parish on 21 February, 2020

Current actions

  • Research into best practice and parish needs and history
  • Draft of a community questionnaire
  • Preparing a terms of reference document
  • Obtaining a grant from SODC for consultancy reports
  • Identifying potential suppliers of reports

Anyone interested in contributing to the plan is welcome at our meetings which are held monthly at the Flowing Spring Pub.  Please email Ian Dick for further information:


The first stage in this process is to find out what people living in the parish think about the area. 
Please download this leaflet which contains a very short survey about your views and send it to Ian Dick.


Why a NDP?

If you’ve been reading any local news about the Third Thames Bridge, Gladman Developments or other threatening schemes, you might be forgiven for thinking the parish of Eye & Dunsden is under constant attack.

Greedy developers, land grabbing Reading, gravel extraction that may worsen flooding and a potential new Thames crossing with a motorway-style link road all contribute to the feeling of powerlessness in the face of corporate power and indifferent local authorities based in distant Oxford and Didcot.

But there is something local communities can do to assert what development they consider is acceptable. By making a Neighbourhood Development Plan places like ours can tell the planners exactly where they think new development should or shouldn’t go. The process splits into various clear stages and relies on proving the plan has strong support from within the community. It requires a team of enthusiastic volunteers, including both members of the parish council and people from the villages concerned (in our parish these are Dunsden, Littlestead Green, Playhatch and Sonning Eye).

Professional help is available with things like landscape assessments and so too are grants of around £9,000, but first we need a group of at least a dozen people to commit to the process. Around ten have already expressed an interest. Will you consider joining us? 

Some Neighbourhood Planning links

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