Our Neighbourhood Plan is soon to be submitted to SODC

Eye & Dunsden Parish Council has been working on a Neighbourhood Plan (NP) through an appointed Steering Group, comprising of residents from across the Parish.

An NP is a locally-created and influenced statutory development plan that if approved and adopted, South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC), as Planning Authority for the Parish, has to have regard to when considering future planning applications.

Our Plan is being finalised for submission to SODC prior to final public consultation under Regulation 16.

In December/January 2023—24 the draft of the NP was shared with residents and businesses living and operating within the Parish as well as with statutory consultees through a public consultation. This process is known as the pre-submission consultation and is conducted according to Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations.

Leaflets providing information about the draft NP and the consultation process, including why it is important to take part, were delivered to each household and business in the Parish.

The draft NP and supporting evidence documents can be viewed on this page.

You can view the draft plan documents as of November 2024 by clicking on the links:

Appendix I

Settlement Character Assessment & Design Code

Appendix II

Landscape Character Assessment

Appendix III

Heritage Assets Evidence Base Document

Appendix IV

Local Green Spaces Assessment

Appendix V

Green Corridors in Eye & Dunsden

Appendix VI

Biodiversity Reports

Appendix VII

Non-Designated Heritage Assets List

Appendix VIII

Flooding in Sonning Eye

Appendix IX

Community Aspirations Summary

Appendix X

Parish Profile (OCS)

Appendix XI

Not allocated

Appendix XII

Native Trees

Appendix XIII

Parish Amenities Schedule

If you need help accessing the consultation materials or you know of anyone who you think would be interested in this consultation who does not have access to the internet, we would appreciate your help in telling them about it (email us at plan@eyedunsden.org)

In addition, printed copies of the NP and supporting evidence documents will be available for your review at the following locations during their usual opening hours :

  • The Mill, Sonning
  • The Crown, Playhatch
  • Loddon Brewery, Dunsden Green

We would appreciate it if you do not remove the documents from the venues so other residents can also have the opportunity to review them.

The Steering Group invite you to provide your comments on the NP using the Comment Form. You can either:

  • print out a copy from this page
  • or pick up a paper copy at one of the three locations mentioned above.

Once completed, you can either:

  • email the comments form to plan@eyedunsden.org; or
  • post it to: Neighbourhood Plan Consultation, Clerk to Eye & Dunsden Parish Council, The Glade, Remenham Piece, Remenham Hill, Henley on Thames, RG9 3ET.

Please do not leave your Comment Form at the venues listed above and please note that it is essential that you include your name, address and email address (if you have one) on your completed Comment Form to enable your comments to be considered by the Steering Group (and subsequently SODC as the planning authority). This information will be treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018, and the Parish Council Privacy Policy which is available for review on the Parish website.

Should you have any queries on the contents of this message or the consultation process, please email the Steering Group at plan@eyedunsden.org.

With thanks for your time.

NP Steering Group

30th November 2023

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