What does the Parish Council do?

The parish council is made up of five unpaid volunteer members, who are looked after by a paid Clerk. We meet monthly except in August and December in Eye & Dunsden Village Hall. Meetings are usually on the second Tuesday of each month at 7.45pm.

The parish council sets a budget which is its part of your Council Tax bill and amongst other things, uses this money to look after a number of open spaces in the parish as well as to make small grants to local organisations.

Our responsibilities within the parish currently include:

  • Furleigh Bank, a pubic open space by the river Thames in Sonning Eye
  • Maintenance of the Furleigh path which leads from the backwater bridge to the main part of Sonning Eye
  • Provision of allotments in Sonning Eye
  • Grass cutting along the anti-traveller ditch on the A4155 between Playhatch and Caversham Park Village
  • Provision of allotments at Playhatch
  • Provision and maintenance of bus shelters in the parish
  • Maintenance of Dunsden Green including the war memorial
  • Monitoring the work of Dunsden village hall committee, to which the Council sends a representative.
  • Monitoring the condition of footpaths and roads in the parish and reporting problems as required.
  • Commenting to South Oxfordshire and Oxfordshire County Councils on planning applications within the parish
  • Respond to comments from members of the public, who are always welcome at our meetings

Outside the parish we also:

  • Comment on District and County policy documents as required
  • Liaise with our District and County Councillors on matters they draw to our attention
  • Send representatives to a number of ancient charities including the almshouses in Sonning, the Sonning Educational & Welfare Trust and the Poors Land Charity, all of which provide benefit within the parish and beyond.



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